About ACP

Who We Are

The companies who make up the Association of Claims Professionals (ACP) are leaders in the claims management industry and include independent claims-adjusting companies and third-party administrators.

ACP companies respond every day to individuals and businesses who suffer a loss such as a workplace injury, property or casualty damage, or liability. Insurance carriers and self-insured companies retain our member companies for expert advice and knowledge throughout the management of claims entrusted to their care. ACP companies provide a full range of claims services from claims adjusting to comprehensive claims management.

ACP focuses on the importance of claims specialists as front line responders when an individual or business suffers a loss such as a workplace injury, property or casualty damage, or liability. For claimants, ACP companies help individuals and companies begin to recover from such a loss. For carriers and self-insured customers, ACP companies are a strategic business partner and trusted advisor providing professional claims services integral to risk management.

ACP companies use industry-leading technology and trained professionals to provide superior claims management services. Advances in analytics and predictive modeling help ACP customers capture and interpret large data to provide better risk-management programs, safer workplaces, and improved accident-prevention programs.

ACP Exists to:

Champion the growth of our industry and the recruitment of diverse, workforce-ready talent to meet our future needs.

Develop research, legislation, strategic partnerships, and communications programs that advance our industry.

Share best practices, information, tools, and educational resources that support our industry leadership and service excellence.

Connect our members for effective collaboration, strengthening the claims industry's voice in the national market.

Monitor the national landscape for market shifts and help our membership maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.


Originally formed in 2002 as the American Association of Independent Claims Professionals (AAICP), the association has been the only national association representing the interests of independent claims professionals. From its inception, the Association has worked on the development of federal and state solutions, supporting adjuster licensing uniformity and reciprocity to enhance quality and ensure prompt and equitable reimbursement of claims to Americans.

In 2016, the Association updated its name to the Association of Claims Professionals and strategically repositioned itself to embrace the forward-looking vision of its member companies. The Association’s goal is for the industry to be viewed as a trusted advisor and business partner by its customers and as a helpful and caring frontline responder by claimants.

In support of the new directive, the Association has broadened its mandate from federal and state legislative and regulatory solutions to include becoming the national voice of the claims industry, communicating the role and voice of claims adjusters and claims management to a broad cross section of audiences interested in the claims management industry.

ACP Milestones

Industry at a Glance

In 2016, the Association commissioned a foundational research survey to determine the size and scope of the independent claims industry in the United States and the broader role the industry plays in the national economy.

From that study, we learned:

  1. There are an estimated 125,000+ active claims professionals in the United States.
  2. On average, each adjuster has approximately 10 state licenses.
  3. Large insurance companies have the largest population of adjusters in‐house and account for roughly 70% of the overall population (compared to TPAs at 23% and regional adjusting firms at 7%).
  4. The dollar value of claims adjusted by ACP members alone is approximately $45 billion per year. Extrapolating for industry‐wide results indicates that adjusters manage $450 to $500 Billion of claims each year.
  5. Third-party claims adjusters adjusted approximately 3,551,617 new claims each year. This accounts for a limited segment of the industry.

A summary of the survey can be found here.

Join ACP

The Association of Claims Professionals is the collective voice of the claims adjusting industry. The Association and its members have a shared commitment to advancing the goals of the claims profession and ensuring a strong future for the claims industry.

ACP helps its members attract the next generation workforce by establishing the claims industry as a desirable, 21st-century career opportunity that offers appealing prospects for growth, challenge, and earning potential.

ACP helps its members work collaboratively with public policy makers at the state and federal level to resolve legislative and regulatory issues affecting the independent claims profession. ACP supports the claims-adjuster licensing reform necessary to meet the needs of claimants and customers alike.

ACP helps its members with research, education, and professional resources to drive the growth and professionalism of our industry.