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Claims Industry

The claims industry helps millions of people every year by supporting them through complex processes and advocating on their behalf. The goal of a claims professional is to take care of the details behind the scenes and make things easier for the customer base.

Qualified employees are key to caring for customers, and the industry embraces the unique skills, experience and personality each individual brings. We celebrate our differences because they enable us to serve a diverse customer base.

The term ‘‘independent claims adjuster’’ means an individual, other than a public adjuster, who undertakes on behalf of insurers or self-insurers to investigate, evaluate, and negotiate the resolution of the amount of a property, casualty, liability, disability, or workers’ compensation claim, loss, or damage on behalf of an insurance policy or insurer or as a third-party on behalf of a self-insurer.

ACP companies are national and global companies independent from the carriers and self-insured companies that they serve. ACP members employ thousands of claims specialists and other professionals across the country and handle millions of workers’ compensation, disability, property, and liability claims.

Our estimate is that there are more than 125,000 active claims professionals in the United States as of 2016. Large insurance companies have the largest population of adjusters in-house and account for roughly 70% of the overall population. Third party administrators account for roughly 23% and regional adjusting firms account for roughly 7%.

ACP companies anticipate tremendous growth in the availability of career opportunities over the next decade. This is due in part to the success of ACP companies and growth of the industry. There is also a recognition that as the current workforce retires, replacing those workers will open up broad opportunities for the next generation workforce.

ACP companies provide individualized development plans for qualified newcomers as well as advanced opportunities for seasoned professionals.

Opportunities with ACP Companies

ACP companies recognize that people are the key to their success. Our companies are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the next generation workforce for the claims industry.

  • ACP companies are focused on creating jobs and careers conducive to lifestyle choices of the next generation workforce.
  • ACP companies continually invest in training, technology and leadership development to improve the knowledge and skill sets of employees.
  • ACP companies invest in up-to-date technology both for their customers and their employees. We believe we are as much a technology industry as anything else.
  • ACP companies are creating an industry with better work/life balance, more work-from-home options and flexible work schedules.

We recognize that the next-generation workforce looks for opportunities to participate and contribute in ways beyond the routine tasks of just getting the job done. We welcome opportunities for our employees to take leadership roles internally and externally, including chairing committees, speaking at outside panels, and developing teams to solve problems.

ACP companies foster a culture of mutual respect, diversity, and inclusion. Just as we are there to help and care for claimants, our companies believe helping their employees grow and succeed is fundamental to business.

Our companies provide competitive salary and benefits packages designed to attract outstanding candidates.

If you are interested in a career in claims management, now is the time to get involved!

  • Visit the company websites you are interested in, and set up a profile in the careers section and apply to applicable jobs.
  • Get engaged through social media. Follow companies of interest on Facebook and LinkedIn to become familiar with their offerings.
  • Find out where the career fairs are in your area and speak with company representatives.
  • If you have questions, reach out through social media or submit an inquiry through the company websites.